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  • Name: Claire
  • Age: 42
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: UK
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Music I listen to

That depends on what mood I'm in, it can go from recent chart stuff to the 60s to musicals stuff and back again in the space of an afternoon. The only thing I can't stand is rap (eh Dylan!) and opera, cos its just too noisy!

People I look up to

Anyone over 5'6" really.

Oh and ppl who are weird, odd, with warped senses of humour and mental health issues. Just like me really.

About me

Hi I'm Claire, old enough to know better, far too old to be swooning and messing about on fansites but I just can't help it, it's like some sort of strange compulsion, but young enough to make excuses for it.

I've got 3 border collies, the 2 youngest do agility and a bit of obedience. They're all completely shot away, no idea where they get it from of course. The oldest and youngest are rescues, middle one I've had from a 6 week old puppy. Lots of pics of them in images.

I love Dylan dearly, in a way that includes his mind and personality as much as his handsome face, dimples and gorgeous eyes. He is the funniest man alive IMO and I could listen to him read the Yellow Pages and be entertained. :)

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    I appreciate the credit and the personal thank you immensely! It's always wonderful to be appreciated!

    OH TRAINSPOTTING! I love that movie. Oh yes, screencaps would be brill....

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    Reply from WiggyMonster:

    I've found some! Trainspotting and SOTD screencaps, and they're huge too! SOTD I've left a link on the forum, and here's Trainspotting...

    Mmm Sick Boy...image

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    I used to use Nero and PowerDVD which came with my old computer, but since I upgraded to a new computer, it only came with Windows media player which doesn't have a screencapping function. And I tried downloading one from the internet but the quality was HORRIBLE. I'll probably invest in PowerDVD again eventually (when I stop being lazy and get to an electronics store!) because it plays DVDs better too and then I can get back to screencapping (and taking requests!) You can download a program to do it though! I think I looked up 'screencapping programs' in Google. I find the best screencaps are taken when the DVD is paused because otherwise sometimes the people are blurs. Of course, sometimes those pictures are darn funny too!! So if I know Dylan makes a cute face in a scene, I'll slow the speed and then pause and screencap. Other than that I just screencap every five seconds and only keep the good ones. Depends on the day really!

    I'm so glad you like the caps and the captions! They're there to pilfer so have at it ;) And if you want to add my personal journal on LJ (if you have one) it's artemisofluna. It's friends only but I'll add you back!


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    Reply from WiggyMonster:

    I don't have live journal I'm afraid, wouldn't have anything to put in it! I already have a MySpace and Facebook sitting around twindling their thumbs. Well, they would if they had thumbs. Twindling their cyber thumbs. Oh I don't know.

    I've also only got WMP but might have a look into downloading something, assuming it's not loads of money. I want to cap SOTD and Trainspotting. :D

    Anyway, I'm glad you're ok with ppl nicking your caps but it's always nice to be given credit for it and as I've taken so many and used them I thought a personal thank you was in order.

    :) Claire
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    Hahaha, I love that Bernard pic. When i had my first bad day at work, i watched "the lockout" when i got home on constant loop until about midnight. Some people meditate when stressed, others might do crack. The Jam Mafia doesnt need crack. We got Black Books. It lasts longer and is better craic.
    hehehee, i made a pun.image


    Reply from WiggyMonster:

    Ah BB there's nothing quite like it. Bernard was my first intro to Dylan and like all first impressions he'll always stick in my mind and be Bernard above all else. Even though I know he's not really like him. Which makes no sense at all but then thats not new for me lol.

    Plus he was gorgeous as Bernard. And I still want to fix him! If I was Dylans missus I think I'd have to do some sort of strange role play game of him dressing like Bernard and being him. Teehee. That would be funny.
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    Hi Wiggy!

    Very glad to be one of your friends and colleague from the Jam Mafia!
    You should definitely say me where did you get a recording of Dylan reading the Yellow Pages, because I have never been aware of that fact yet - as I am always miles away from the news.

    Thanks for everything you achieved on the forum. Especially the brilliant videos that made me turn out crazy on youtube.
    Thank God for being with us, for Dylan's sake and our ones.

    Hurray to you Wiggy :)!


    Reply from WiggyMonster:

    Hello Greeness. My first comment wahoo! lol

    Glad you liked the YouTube vids, they were just a bit of time wasting fun and an excuse to look at Dylan non-stop for half hour or so. ;)

    Hope you can come over for the Dublin Jammit '09 trip. Your English is brilliant BTW. Puts me to shame!